Adnews Mock Ads 2007:

Before you begin:
The following game is not real - it is a "Mock-Ad"
It is a 'what if' response to a challenge issued by Adnews to Amnesia.

The brief : How to change the 'negative' public perception of Migrants in Australia.

Amnesia's response is a 'part viral, part digital media campaign'
It is designed to hit at the heart of the matter and challenge perceptions in an interactive manner - we are using tested viral techniques and a game mechanic. "Mini-games' as a delivery format crosses all ages and genders and also has a suprisingly large percentage of female and older players making it perfect to carry a message.

The game is designed to appear tasteless (at first sight) in order to provoke a response by any person who has strong feelings either way - but the result of 'kicking a migrant' delivers the "real" concequnces both to our Economy and the social impact. Try it and see...

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